Integrated Montessori implements the K to 12 Curriculum in its strong commitment to providing quality education to its 21st century learners and in consonance with RA 10533 otherwise known as Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013. With this, students experience an enhanced, context-based, spiral progression-learning curriculum of Grades 1 to 6. In addition, we also utilize Singaporean materials designed to extend, supplement, and complement the teaching and learning of English, Science, and Mathematics; thus, providing a fun and rewarding learning experience for pupils.

Furthermore, we also offer Spanish as an additional foreign language to broaden their horizon and to increase the kids' linguistic awareness. To cope with the hyper-connected, fast-paced, and globally competitive learning milieu, IMC, in partnership with Diwa Learning Systems, implemented Genyo, the first and only fully integrated learning management system for basic education in the country. The IMC Grade School Department fervently continues its aim to provide nothing but the best education each of its students deserves.