High School

IMC High School is set in the optimum development of its students as it prepares them for admissions to college and universities here in the country and abroad through its balanced and broad curricular and co-curricular programs.

Classroom instruction is integrated with technology and infused with play as it promotes sense of responsibility, self-discipline, individuality, social awareness, academic excellence, and self-fulfilment.

Music (Instrumental and Voice), Dance (Traditional and Contemporary), Writing (Creative and Journalistic), and Spanish language are the foreground of its every Thursday Focused Instruction Day Program (FID).

Its clubs and organizations and school programs are devised to provide avenues for students to discover, hone, and showcase their varied and multiple interests and capabilities while they acquire valuable traits and skills. The Student Council, its prime organization, does not only sharpen student leadership skills but also promotes social awareness and involvement.

Saturday and Summer Programs in Mathematics, Robotics, Sports, Music, Creative Interpretation (Theatre and Drama), and Campus Journalism embolden students to participate and win in various out-of-school competitions, locally and internationally such as Australian Mathematics Competition, International Mathematics Competition, MTAP, MTG, University Quiz Bees, Press Conferences, and Robotics.

IMC High School takes pride in its alumni who have made it through the top universities in the metro as consistent dean’s listers, and graduate with honors.  

Here, students recognize and respect differences as passionate and involved teachers provide guidance and assistance in their journey from adolescence to young adulthood ready to take on the challenges of higher education and of the real world.