The high school curriculum is anchored on the standards and learning competencies of the updated Enhanced Basic Curriculum of the Department of Education’s K to 12 Program with the integration of the Singapore Curriculum in English, Mathematics, and Science. It is primarily geared towards the optimum development of a holistic individual equipped with 21st century learner’s skills ready for admission to and success in college as it nurtures multiple intelligences, respects different learning modalities, and considers student readiness in the formulation and delivery of instruction.

To help enrich knowledge and experiences in Mathematics and Science subjects, non-credit enrichment every Saturday program in Mathematics, the Mathematics Enrichment Program, and in Science, the Robotics Program, are available for interested students.

Relevant, innovative, challenging, and effective teaching and assessment strategies and techniques are employed in the lessons that are learner-centered and constructive in approach. Students are encouraged to find and create meaning from what they do through active and collaborative learning. The formation of desirable traits and values is also an integral part.

Co-curricular Programs

An IMC student devotes his or her free time and talent toward clubs or organizations, competitions in and out-of-school, and seminars or trainings that further the development and exposure of his or her interests and skills in leadership, academic, and even in sports. The Student Council (SC) is the umbrella organization and its officials are elected through secret balloting via an automated election with the use of Genyo instead of ballots. The SC and the other clubs, whose officials are also elected, such as Sandiwa, Young Entrepreneurs Club, English Club, spearhead activities and organize contests (individuals, groups, classes) like the annual Students’ Fair, Buwan ng Wika, Nutrition Month, English Festival, Sportsfest, and Junior-Senior Promenade. 

The Intrepid Pen is its official school paper and its staff have been known to win various campus journalism competitions organized by both private and public schools and universities in the region and in the country such as the Secondary Schools Press Conferences, Philippine Normal University’s Liyab, and De La Salle University’s Baylayn in such categories as Photojournalism, News Writing, and Copyreading and Headline Writing.

Mathematically and scientifically-gifted IMCians have been known to dominate the ranks in competitions such as the International Math Competitions held in Singapore, China, India, and the United States of America, MTAP as well as MTG. Several of these students were also accorded with the YES Award by the Department of Science and Technology, usually held in the University of the Philippines.

Its athletes in Taekwondo, Karate do, Swimming, and Archery have been consistent representatives in the annual Palarong Pambansa, too.