Focused Instruction Day

The FID is an every Thursday curricular program which aims to awaken, enhance, and showcase a student’s interest and skill in Music, Sports, Creative Expression, and Foreign Language through a more relaxed approach using games or play.

In Music, professional and gifted musicians are commissioned to teach the students each instrument featured in its program - Palabunibunyan, a native Muslim instrumental ensemble and Muslim dances are for the Grade 7, Ukulele and Angklung for Grade 8, Guitar for Grade 9, and Djembe ensemble for Grade 10.

Futsal, Table Tennis, Sepak Takraw, and Badminton comprise the Sports program facilitated by the PE teachers.

The Creative Expression program includes Creative Writing and Oral Interpretation in English and Filipino while Foreign Language offers Spanish directed towards acquisition of basic knowledge and functional skills in the said language taught by selected IMC teachers who have undergone classes and passed accreditation examinations in Spanish at Instituto Cervantes, Manila.

Every December, a culminating activity is held to showcase the learnings from the various programs through a Concerto Grosso and an exhibit of creative outputs. It usually doubles as a fund-raising activity, spearheaded by the Student Council, which proceeds go to their chosen orphanages with children of their age deprived of an education that IMC students are privileged with.