• IMC Taal Relief Operations

    Monday, January 27, 2020 Share to Friend Print a Copy

    Thank you very much for your overwhelming support!


    What started with a small package of goods left at the guard became a ton of different goods for our fellowmen directly affected by the eruption of Taal volcano. In a span of two (2) days we were able to receive the  following items:


    Drinking Water:  1,900 liters

    Canned goods:  2,400 pieces

    Rice:    800 kilos

    Noodles:  14 sacks

    Biscuits:   07 sacks

    Coffee sachet: 1 sack

    Adult Clothes:  14 sacks

    Adult pants/shorts: 11 sacks

    Kids Clothes:   13 sacks

    Blankets/Towels:    08 sacks

    Banig:   10 pieces

    Hygiene items:  01 sack



    Upon coordination with Air Force Personnel who had first hand knowledge with the on-going relief operations, it was recommended that said items be brought directly to barangays affected by the eruption since the identified evacuation centers are already full of relief goods. It is with this information that IMC Administration decided to bring the collected relief goods to Barangay Bonliw, San Luis, Batangas under the stewardship of Barangay Captain Alex Bacani. Said barangay has 166 evacuee families or 416 evacuee individuals.

    Thank you very much for the overwhelming support that you gave in helping the Taal volcano eruption evacuees. Indeed, your generous hearts have reached our fellow Filipinos in need.