• IMC Students Brian Kiley Garcia and Bella Sabrina Jaranilla Win 3rd Place in Kulturang Pinoy Quiz Wiz Year 11

    Wednesday, January 31, 2024 Share to Friend Print a Copy

    IMC is very proud to congratulate the following students who won 3rd place in the recent Kulturang Pinoy Quiz Wiz Year 11:

    Brian Kiley Garcia – Grade 9 Xenon
    Bella Sabrina Jaranilla – Grade 8 Krypton

    Aside from Brian and Bella, the following IMC students participated in the contest:

    Hilary Lynn M. Jose (Grade 7)
    Princess Alisha Z. Mercado (Grade 7)
    Franchesca Louise W. Palma (Grade 7)
    Heejin Jung (Grade 8 )
    Miya Janelle P. Junatas (Grade 9)
    Lord Adriel L. Francisco (Grade 9)
    Alfred Carlo A. Centeno (Grade 10)
    Ava Nicole Gabrielle R. Mendoza (Grade 10)
    Arrian Li U. Reblando (Grade 10)

    Team IMC together with their teachers T. Shiera (left) T. Mj  (center) and T. Reyna (right)

    Brian and Bella form part of the 12 high school students from IMC who competed in Kulturang Pinoy Quiz Wiz, which took place last January 20. All 12 students passed the initial round of written exams. The exams were mainly composed of questions about history, culture and current events. Out of the 12, 9 students proceeded to compete in the oral round. In the final stage, Brian and Bella emerged as 3rd place winners.

    Congratulations to all the participants! A job well-done to you!

    We are very proud of you Brian and Bella! Your passion for knowledge and learning is truly inspiring. Congratulations on your well-deserved win